Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Physiotherapy

We are a dedicated Sport Injury and Rehab clinic for West Oxfordshire, this includes acute/chronic injuries , Post Op and return to sports.

Sports Physiotherapy relies on addressing fundamental rehabilitation principles. These include early assessment, evidence-informed intervention, early therapeutic exercise, and a thorough return to play process.

At the Cotswold Physiotherapy Rooms, we believe in applying these principles to people from all walks of life, irrespective of age and ability. Our experience has shown us that these practices consistently achieve outstanding results for clients.

We have the latest technology to address tendon and ligament issues, including Shockwave Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy. The team understands injury and performance, this allows a planned return to sports.

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Sports Injury Clinic

The Running Clinic

This Running Clinic is for runners that have issues with pain with running, pace or want to improve. The session includes video analysis where the physio will look to see how you run and how you can increase performance.

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Running clinic