Neurological Physio Rehabilitation

Neurological Physio Rehabilitation

Neurological physiotherapy is a specialist branch of physiotherapy for the rehabilitation of individuals living with a neurological conditions.

Neurological conditions affect people in different ways. Some people are affected physically; others may have problems with cognition, emotion or behaviour. As physiotherapists we tend to focus on physical symptoms such as weakness in an arm or difficulty with balancing and walking.

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Neurological Physio Rehabilitation

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If you’d like to talk to us directly about how neurological physiotherapy can help you or someone you know, please contact us for a free informal chat.

We have packages that include live feed exercises one a week , home visits and in clinic rehab. 

1. Talk to you /or your family

We will talk to you and/or your family to find out what you struggle with and what you want to achieve. By listening closely to what you tell us we will come to understand the impact of your neurological condition on day-to-day and future life. We always aim to deliver everything you are hoping for – and more.

2. Carry out an objective assessment

We will then carry out an ‘objective assessment’, looking closely at, and feeling, how you move. We may ask you to lie down, sit up, stand, walk, lunge or squat; it depends on you, your problems and your ability. We will want to feel how your muscles, joints and ligaments are affecting your movements and how they are hindering and preventing you from moving more efficiently and with greater ease.

3. Identify and set achievable goals

Following assessment, and throughout the course of treatment, we will identify and set achievable and meaningful goals with you to ensure your treatment plan is tailored specifically to you. Achieving these goals, along with taking measurements to help monitor change and progress, we aim to maximise your motivation and demonstrate how you are improving as a result of your commitment to physiotherapy.