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Tennis Elbow

When it comes to treating lateral elbow pain, one size does not fit all.

Tennis elbow (or if you want to be really nerdy, lateral elbow tendinopathy or lateral epicondylalgia) is a common musculoskeletal presentation affecting approximately 1-3% of the population. Characterised by pain when gripping or lifting objects with the palm down, you do not need to be a tennis player or even have played tennis to get tennis elbow. In fact, tasks as light as sewing or typing can result in tennis elbow.

At Movement for Life Physiotherapy, we can assess and diagnose the cause of your elbow pain and let you know whether you do have tennis elbow or if there is something else going on. With a clear diagnosis and tailored management plan, we'll help get you back to the things you love sooner. 


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Tattooed Back

Low back osteoarthritis doesn't have to stop you from living

One of the joys (or consequences) of aging is the development of some degree of degeneration in our joints. Known as osteoarthritis, or OA, this type of joint degeneration is common and, to a large extent, the result of a lifetime of moving. The degree to which OA develops varies from person to person and joint to joint, and the reasons for its development are complex, variable, and individual.


The good new is that, in the majority of cases, there is a lot that physiotherapy can do to assist with lumbar osteoarthritis. While we don’t have a cure for OA, the evidence unequivocally points to exercise as the best medicine for managing symptoms such as reduced functional strength and loss of range of movement. Symptoms from lumbar OA will vary over time.

Physiotherapy is aimed to maintaining joint and muscle strengthening  pain Managemnt options.  

Back Pain Treatment
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Collection X-ray multiple part of human , painful , isolated on white background.jpg

Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists routinely see patient’s who have had joint surgery, back surgery, abdominal surgery or chest infections once discharged from hospital.  We have extensive experience managing orthopaedic conditions and work closely with local and visiting interstate surgeons. Our areas of expertise are rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery (knee, hip and shoulder), ACL reconstruction, ankle reconstruction, shoulder rotator cuff repair, spinal surgery and all joint arthroscopic surgery.

Low Back - Lumbar Osteoarthritis