10 clinic sessions which can be used across any members of staff. We tailor our packages to suit your requirements and treatments can include:



  • Specialist neck and back pain care
  • Muscle and joint pain management
  • Chronic pain
  • Deep tissue release
  • Gait analysis for ankle and knee pain
  • Strength and conditioning programs


Occupational Physiotherapy 

  • A course of targeted physiotherapy tailored to the physical impact of the job
  • Detailed rehabilitation programs
  • Physiotherapy report on the condition, time frames for recovery and implement changes that will aid a comfortable working environment
  • Return to work assessment, advice and adjustments


Specialist Massage Therapy

  • Neck and back massage to release upper body and shoulder pain
  • Full body massage to release tension, aches and joint pain
  • Sports Massage to go deeper to release targeted muscle groups



  • Targeted acupuncture for wellbeing and pain management
  • Trigger point release for specific muscle groups
  • Relaxation 

Occupational Physiotheraphy for Business

  • This is a really useful service for employers and we are looking forward to working with you so please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements on 01993 444118, for further information and our conditions of use.